Step Sizes

To determine your step size, measure from the bottom of your door frame straight down to the ground (B on diagram). Take that measurement and look at the HEIGHT column to determine how many risers (steps) you will need. Next, the platform or landing, is the distance straight out from your door (C on diagram). The width is the horizontal length of each step from end to end (see A on diagram). We strongly recommend the 5′ wide steps. Last, the total length of the step is the distance from the house to the end of the first step (see D on diagram).

Once you have your step measurements, please refer to the price sheet for the cost.

A. Width of Step (4′,5′,6′)

B. Height of Step: Measure from bottom of threshold
to ground. Divide by 7.25 (ea riser in height) to determine
the number of risers you’ll need.

C. Depth of Platform. (Straight out from door)

D. Total Distance.

B on Diagram
on back
No. of
Start Here Height D on Diagram
on backside
30″ 42″ 60″
1 Start Here 7.25″ D on Diagram
on backside
13″ 30″ 42″ 59″
2 Start Here 14.5″ D on Diagram
on backside
24″ 41″ 53″ 70″
3 Start Here 21.75″ D on Diagram
on backside
35″ 52″ 64″ 81″
4 Start Here 29″ D on Diagram
on backside
46″ 63″ 75″ 92″
5 Start Here 36.25″ D on Diagram
on backside
57″ 74″ 86″ 103″
6 Start Here 43.5″ D on Diagram
on backside
68″ 85″ 97″ 114″